Well, it has been a busy two days between writing and other projects. What is it all about those essays you may ask? They are about my experience in life, about what I have come to conclude, the perils of the road I am walking and ways I have found to make a better living. I want to beat the fear of publishing my work, enjoying the process of writing along the way -which is a lot of fun- and if I get you to ask yourself “why?”, and I get you to grab your life with your own two hands and change it for better, I’ll be a happier.

“An unquestioned life is not worth living”

I like to think of “About” posts as modern movie credits, they start at the same time as the movie and run along the action. I like that idea. Why book’s introductions have to be at the beginning? Let’s make it more fun and put this “About” along the way of the narrative. I want to give these essays the freedom of going anywhere they want to go, explore concepts and thought as they come, at their own pace. As a result they may look without an structure, “weird”, erratic. Remember that’s just a concept created from “how writing should be done”. Let’s leave those dogmas behind. You may find yourself reading an already discussed topic, just keep reading and you will find it more specific, focused on details, on a deeper level, give it an open-minded chance and you’ll learn something positive from it.

I don’t’ know what’s next but I suspect you’ll find out soon, mystery has a charm after all. I also hope to have the same fun I have had until now doing it.

See you next time,

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