Procrastination… or something else?

Today I feel like leaving things for later, and honestly no wonder why. Wrong place, wrong time, doesn’t matter, it is the result of my choices and it comes to the same end, it is my life. Surrounded by people short on solutions and long on problems and since the ego just want to be acknowledged, they voice what they know best, the long list of problems. “What’s the use?” you may start to ask, deep down all those voices have somehow already gotten to you, the real cure for it is just to trust there is some use in what you are doing and just keep going to matter of what. Still, it makes it so hard when it really doesn’t have to. The good thing is you’ll gain self-confidence by going because there is always good use to everything you do in life. Right now I feel like an alchemist, turning negative thoughts into creation. With practice and attention you’ll learn to read all those messages for what they are, just dream killers, hijackers of  minds.

I enjoy talking to other artist’s about almost any topic. There is a very nice “you are one of us” feeling when talking to them, a mysterious connection, a mutual deep understanding about how each other think, the work we do, from doing it and finishing it, to selling it. It is such rewarding language the honest language of truth, the language that comes from the experience at first hand. You may hear them complain about the art not selling, not without giving you a lot of hints, advises. They may have a long list of problems – remember they don’t have to be yours – but at the same time they have a very long list of solutions. Of course they have, they have lived it. They have the experience to offer honest thoughts, art itself is the language of felt experience, and so is the language the artist speaks.

That’s exactly the key word here: experience. Where are you going to find useful advice about becoming an astronaut? I have never heard a fish giving good opinions about flying. I bet the bar around the corner is not going to give you any either, the only thing they are going to give you is a very long list of problems. You see, the ego prefers saying anything before admitting “I don’t know”, even if we know it is not accurate and not a good advice, it is still better than saying nothing and look like an ignorant, right? And, so there it comes the ill advice that is not telling anything new to us, but is reminding us of the dangers of the road as if we didn’t know already. It is just a “friendly” reminder… yeah, a reminder… of the same fears and insecurities we are trying to overcome. What a wonderful advice!!!

I want to clarify something before continuing. Most of the time it’s not like people means you harm, it is more like they don’t realise exactly what they are doing, and I haven’t met a egoless human being yet either. The only way I have  found to discover whether it is “advice” or experience is to ask “Why?” time after time until the egomaniac runs out of answers and shoots “Because yes”, which we all know it is not an answer.

Next time you don’t know something just say “I don’t know” and if you honestly like the idea and want to try it, just say: “Cool!! I want to do it” or “I want to know more about…”, the mere feeling of companionship feels more encouraging to others on their journey than some “advice’ about an idea or concept we haven’t experienced yet, which quite honestly it is a lot more closer to lying.


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