God, a liberating believe… or a self-limiting one?

The other day walking down the street I saw a store that had a lot of toys on display outside, next to the glass. I have always have had an inclination for silly lovely childish things, so I couldn’t control myself from steeping in only to found out it was a very nice religious store, books, audio tapes, CDs, and toys, a religious paradise you could  say. I don’t practice religion but at the same time I do believe in God, an ever-changing believe you could say, and I love it 🙂

What striked me was how much love people devote to something so impalpable, to something that could be thought of in scientific terms as a fantasy. Nevertheless we do believe, it is that devotion, that unconditional love people from different cultures and religions practice toward a God, that somehow keeps the hope of realizing their dreams and overcoming difficulties alive. It is that very same hope that keeps their minds open to the unknown, for chances as they arrive in their live. The very self-convincing tought that everything is going to be the way they wanted because they deserve it according to God, keeps their mind looking for answers, willingly accepting whatever help comes their way. Love and hope  it’s always very touching witnessing at first hand.

At the very same time, I couldn’t stop wondering what if all those notions about God are at the same time limiting. All the notions about what is good or bad. if we are promiscuous we could very well be denying goals and hopes for ourselves because God doesn’t approve of it, “we haven’t been good”. We may think we don’t deserve to have a wonderful relationship with a dear one if we like group sex, or if we are gay just because God doesn’t approve of it. I am picking on sex and relationships here just because it can be one of the most shocking topics in our society, but any topic would do. At the very least the ideas religious group have made us believe of what God may or may not approve is in itself constraining. Isn’t the very idea of a disapproving and punishing God self-limiting to the point of trying to make us behave in ways totally different to what we really are?  I find it incredibly self-limiting.

If God created each one of us totally different from each other and gave us the freedom to do anything we wanted. If God is full of love, compassion, comprehension, why such a god would disapprove of acting out who you are? As far as I know, judgement is the antithesis of comprehension the same as self-consciousness is the antithesis of enjoying ourselves. When we comprehend we don’t judge, we may like or not what we see, but we don’t judge. We don’t judge because we understand in the first place and because we feel love, love is the required ingredient of full comprehension.

To limit ourselves with a notion, an external notion of a disapproving, judging God, is to deny the very God we believe in, is to put ourself in a prison of self-consciousness, is letting the world judge us for who we are, is judging ourselves, and worst, is commanding ourselves to follow that judgement and live in doubt. Ask yourself: “What God do I believe in?” “What is it that I want, that God would disapprove?” “Doesn’t have to be that way?” When we break free of all those attachments and external notions, we can find the essence of who we are inside us, we can find what we want and act on it, grasp the freedom of commanding our lives.

See you soon,

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