Money Drug

Ever since I was a kid I remember periods when my family had money, period where we didn’t have. I remember going from eating rice alone and playing baseball with a rock wrapped in paper, to having a ham on the fridge every month – big luxury on those times -. And so in cycles luxury came and went. Remembering all those times it also comes to my mind I was always happy despite financial situations. Maybe it was just that I was a kid and didn’t have to worry about feeding anybody dependent on me, of course, I was 8 at the time.

And so time came and went, I grew up fast like poor people grow, and with time it came responsibilities first with myself, later with others. My family had gone from being providers to be dependants, so I had the obligation to bring food to te table, and still happy I was. Doing fast forward to the present, I have come to realize life to be composed of never-ending cycles, we may hit the same problem, just at a different level, like an eternal spiral. I have come to realize money doesn’t actually bring happiness, so a catchy phrase.

Money it’s just a mean to an end, we just don’t want money, what we want is to go to Italy, but Italy is not by itself what we really want. What we really want is the adventure of going somewhere new, or the experience of visiting historic places, or maybe just visit a dear one living in Rome because we need love, because we miss family, or because we like to remember what was it like when you two were together.You get the point, the reason can be as many as people on this planet, but money is not and it’s have never been what we want. What we really want if we are honest with ourselves is to satisfy an emotional need.

And so we start putting money as an excuse, we stop doing things, expanding our life experiences because we tell ourselves we don’t have money. It’s a lie you are telling yourself. I am not saying money is not a necessity, I am not saying money is not nice to have. All I am saying is to stop putting money as an excuse to do what you want, maybe you can’t afford a trip to Paris, but you can afford a road trip to a historic place, visit museums, or a nice breakfast at a French restaurant, maybe you can even afford to learn French.

It is nice to brag: “I went to the moon, I did it”, that’s ego talking. I bet It was actually nicer the experience itself, and the experience’s mileage varies from you and me to everybody else. How many times have you told yourself “If I had money I would do…”. Answer yourself honestly: if you had the money you need to go on a safari, would you go right now? or what other excuse would you tell yourself? What is it that you really want to fill yourself with by going to a safari? What else similar can you do? What excuse are you giving yourself? A common one is: “It’s not the same”, that’s usually a mask to hide fear, How do you know it’s not the same if you haven’t experience it yet?

And so we lose so much time in life waiting for money to come instead of being happy, the very same requirement of success. We spend endless hours beating ourselves up for not having enough without realizing we are enough!


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