ANY IDEAS? I had one, I have one!

Is it worth it?

I had an idea a month ago about documenting people’s life thru a series of interviews across the US. It’s an excellent way to have a deep look at society as it is today.

On June 30 I finally had everything ready to go. I would need to drive more than 12,000 miles, film more than four hours each day in order to have hundred interviews, get really in touch with each subject and cover the most different social schemes. I did a small video presentation of the idea and launched a kickstarted campaign to rise funds. Everything was according to plan, except it’s not getting any traction.

Now I left am wondering the reasons why it doesn’t seem to be getting support. If the project doesn’t launch that’s fine, sooner or later I will do it anyways. I was just hopping it was sooner rather than later. So, that’s where you come it, that’s where you can be really useful. Why do you think the project is not getting enough backers?

I’d love to hear from you, so speak out loud, you opinion matters to me.

You can check the kickstarter campaign at:



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