“… for example that table where you are sitting on is not real for me, but for you absolutely yes” – She was delightfully explaining her meaning of reality. There is something immensely beautiful about weird, crazy minds, and that is they are unpredictable unique. They throw curve-balls in a straight lane and made him hang on the edge of every word, on the excitement of the next odd sound. Sort of a brain massage, if you will.

“Everything I see exists, I know it exists; but for me is like all around us is on a different dimension unless I touch it. Everything I touch becomes real for me. These clothes, the floor, your hat, they are a lot more real than that white wall and all those paintings I haven’t felt”

Those words now were echoing in his mind. Filling him with endless possibilities of playful two in the morning mental creation of touches, this sexy creature was not only mental but highly physical too. His mind was now on overdrive of surrealistic touching fantasies, the chances excited him.

While she kept explaining the meaning of her world, he went calculating his every moves. Slightly lost between his though and the rhythm of her sensual lips, it was the part that had always felt empty, calculating. It was the assassin joyful play. If there was something he knew about, it was cold, precise calculations. It was the heritage of many years of chess playing and computer programming. He knew nothing could beat him at heartless analysis, and that bore him to no end.

What drove him now was the curiosity of next. He took her small, almost fragile hand and shorting the distance between them, paying close attention to every breath, raised her fingers to his chest, making her feel his skin between the slightly opened shirt.

He was so much focused, he felt the world fading away with the silence of her voice. He could felt the nervousness, the slight shaking of her arm, how hesitancy she vaguely tried to pull away, he knew she was loving it and so did she – “That was expected” – He though, laughing his mind off at both the predictability and cuteness of her response. She was girlishly beautiful.

“So, how does it feel when I become real?” – His voice was deep, his eyes were nothing but lust. It was just a rhetorical question, he was having so much fun.

They stood there for a long second, or maybe two, until her fingers were barely caressing his skin. “Is it me? Or did it really happened? ….. Interesting” – It was surprising. He saw her cheeks turning red, her eyes turning down and her hand weakly walking away.. “Oh, it did happened”. It felt good; the excitement, the risk, the chase, the conquest.

Even the beers knew there was a fun night ahead.

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