No Sense

Like a melody, a lost melody of skin and breeze, like a breath of dirt, a blown out wind of illusions, like a dark mood of love and a sand dark of seas. Like an orange in the attic of times are the lines the smiles thrown away at wind.

It is an inseparable space of nothingness, an space of emptiness at the will of a fortune over the walls of my eyes. The world as I see it in the wall of sands, of life, of times. Everything together as if it was a dark cabin of wood. Yes, dark cabins of wood, like a mood lost in the ocean, like a fork on the sky where all get lost in the sands of time.

It is you, it is me, it is both, we don’t know, we only know the figures on the wet sheets, fights at midnight, where the bodies got lost, souls went lost, we went lost, everything lost. Lost at the nothingness, emptiness, fullness of everything, lost like nothing and all.

What is it that gets me going? I don’t know, I don’t know what takes me, what I write, what I chew and bite. I only get lost in the world of your unleashed cries, the sound against walls, blood rising to the ceiling… who knows what?

I don’t have answers, I don’t have my feet, I don’t walk, I don’t fly, I know nothing about the world, only I know where I am.

(It feels good being you)

Here I am, like a melody of time, the earth or the moon, everything between us, is an space of yours, is a word of love. Everything I get or get lost, everything I touch over a hair of youth, of hips and feet, it’s a tip of yours.

– No sense –

No sense, I know it is no sense, or non no-sense. I don’t know, I couldn’t know… Who said I wanted to know? I am just a dumb animal in the morning, an animal at night and an animal in everything, day or moonlight.

Energy goes away, hunger goes away, tiredness goes away, it all goes away when you throw it at the floor. The floor disappears when you smile over the moon. I exist as an endless poetry, the poetry and the rhythm. I exist as a verse on the space of the inevitable, as the action on the blue sky and the skydive. I go away, I come near and go where everything is an space of ours.

You can came and went, you can be and disappear, it doesn’t really matter, I take you as it is, as the sand and mist, and the mystery of your eyes, I grow, I grow and grow old but like time so it grows the distance of my soul, the landscape of me, me once lost.

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