Have you?

Have you…?

Have you even wondered why the moon bathes in blue and the sun paints the sky red in the afternoons? Have you even wondered why the sea crashes on me, the green of leaves sing trees, and trees… have you ever wondered why trees?

Have you ever though of a song, of a color, of a point? Have you ever dreamed of notes touching the sky and walking monks on an overpass?

Have you ever opened your blue eyes? Have you ever split full lips on a half? Have you ever touched an orange and kept walking by?

Have you ever been in a song, in the sound of a guitar? Have you ever found split in half? Have you ever climbed a tree and flew with the wind? Have you ever…?

What about the beans? The coffee, the olives green? What about the chair and the arms? The plane and the crash? what about the closet and the dark? have you ever… ?

And the sing and the song; and the sky and the goal… What about you? You?… Have you ever been you?

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