Between many me’s

Shine like a Sun, shine like a moon, shine and shine over a though, the barrel of boredom, shine on the coffee place and the painter’s lair. Shine on the star and the time, we shine.

How to write music? How to write colors, How to write the difference of odors? How to meet disaster of compassion and swim the life of passion? How?

How to question and to question one after the

other’s life? How to start? Love is the answer my friend…. Love is the question, the word, and the exclamation point.

I want to deal with you… and you, and you, and you too. I want to close the walls, the space and the air. It is born, it is birth day, it sunshine at nine PM.

It escapes me… and you. It escapes time, it comes and goes far… really far. Unlinked, unbridged, I built spaces, I build rails. What’s the distance between two words? What’s the mindset and the feeling that separates both? What’s the ever-changing landscape of souls?

It is just a paper, ink and god; and whatever it means to you, you are like a paper, on my ink too.

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