I wash the rain, the dry snow of no longer white. I walk the walk and cross the lines. I dive, sometimes I dive…. sometimes… I carry full of extremes a bag, my life, end to end…. my life.

Sky-dive, sometimes I sky-dive….. only sometimes.

Somehow you painted me up there, out of reach. Somehow you cry, I can’t see it, but you cry. Even when cruising on winter nights, still looking up there, I don’t know where, trying reaching me.. I am at your side…. Winter nights.

You opened nights, closed distances and still fled. I am… I am but somewhere far away, we are just holding hands. Why?… Why?

I am just a random guy, nothing in your mind… Not the sketched idea, not the surreal… Smart, you are smart… beautiful and mysterious, you are… You are!

Smart like a deceive , like the washout reality of me. Turning around ideas on the doubts of you…. I know thinking, I know death, seconds wasted of life. Just walk my rhythm, grip my hands… they are a part of me, like my ears and lips… I am just me… just me.

I love your mouth of blood, your breasts of  mint. I love your conviction of ideas and the lines of your face. I love the moment of you, the sensual dance of your talk, the wonderful seconds of closed and opened eyes. Just the way you are. There is no present, not a past. I don’t like the future… I just love you this instant the way you are.

Close the glass window of your mind

Close the gap

Close the table, the attic and the fire.

Love, life, jump, laugh, scream and dance… I am, after all, not that far. I am just living a second, thoughts and the extremes in my bag. I want you my ink, my paper and pencil, I want you to be the painting of the life I live…..

Just believe. Believe in you.

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