Diary – Day 4


Good, I’ve got a bunch of shit done today, still have a lingering feeling like I could have done more, and in reality there was some time wasted, but I also have to go easy on myself. Printed two more photos, did all the laundry which I have been meaning to do for a couple of days (a week?) so at least I got that over with.

On the other side I still feel like I am wasting too much time, TV watching and such plus a lot of missed opportunities where I find myself hesitating mainly on the streets. I have to get that thing over with and just do whatever comes to mind. Fuck people and what they think or do. I know I can be a little extreme sometimes but if I never follow the crazy ideas or if I hesitate I will never find out what could happen, so I have to get it over with, besides that’s part of the charm, the excitement.

Well, today’s entry is small, it is late and I am tired. Maybe tomorrow I take notes during the day, it is more fun tat way, besides I get to pay more attention to the world around me. Ohhhh one got thing: I finally organized the stuff I have written, 208 poems and short stories, that was a lot of work but I can finally put them down on a book. Now that I think about it is it going to be two book, Spanish and English.. or who knows, maybe just one.. haven’t thought about. Let’s see how it goes, but at least all content is finally there. Good.!

I have to write this diary early during the day. At this time I feel to tired as to really go and write a long entry. Or maybe is it self sabotage. We’ll see tomorrow.


PD: Yeah, it is self-sabotage. I feel like writing more, ranting about how unfulfilled my love life is, or how bitchy some chicks are. Still, I don’t think is fair to blame the bitches, I rather take the responsibility myself, the decisions are mine after all, so yeah the current situation is mine… Anyways I am done for today.. thanks for reading.

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