Diary – Day 8

Well, it have been a week of ramblings, and today it has been a peaceful day. A day empty of of distractions and full of time just to do nothing. Sometimes I feel it is important just to go out and do nothing, enjoy everything, whatever comes, just time to be.

On other news I have discovered this can’t really be a diary since a diary is supposed to keep everything in it. This pieces in reality hold truths about me but excluding anything that may affect others, so there is an untold portion of it. Also, project and stuff that I would prefer to keep on secrecy, the way new born ideas should be kept, are excluded too.

So at the end it is a mix of things I am happy to have started. The fact that it feels scary at times it means that i am digging really interesting stuff, so for now I’ll keep it that way.

I guess that after a day of nothing, things are going to resume. There is a writers fair going on that I want to attend, and also some interesting mixes of photo and paintings that I want to work on, so I’ll be busy for tomorrow and I don’t know the rest of the week.

The change of time sucks… This early night sucks a lot. I don’t have time to shoot after work, so I have to somehow figure it out. It was a lot worse in Chicago, but at least over there I had a lot of time on my hands.

Homeless, just a question.. is it so bad? The idea have been flying around my head for a while. I have been homeless before, but it wasn’t really homeless. I had a place to crash in case of emergency, and plenty of cash, so that doesn’t really counts. Anyways, I remember it still wasn’t pleasant, I had to deprive myself of a lot of things that I enjoy, so no… Idea discarded, end of the story. It probably was the seduction of free time the reason why it got into my head in the first place, even tho I can’t deny it makes for a new experience. Anyways, as I said, idea discarted for now, I have a couple of stuff that I really want to finish first.

Good night for now…. Thanks for reading.


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