Diary – Day 9

Well, another day spent doing nothing. To be fair, not exactly. Nighttime was nothing, but during the day I finished a couple of rolls and shot a little bit of digital. I am enjoying a lot more film these days, besides I started to shot wide again, haven’t done those in a while, 50mm is just boring.

Setting that aside, the weather got crappy, a little bit of rain. I do like the 60s temperatures, haven’t had those in a while, it feels good. Reminds me of the bay area, now I need to find hills, hippies and thrift stores 😀

But overall didn’t do much, and I don’t like it. It makes me go back to base, sort of speak. Good thing I have a couple more of rolls to develop and finished a new photo. Anyways, I am feeling bored right now.. bored and sleepy.

You know that is something that I want to start doing, sleep more… Low on energy doesn’t work. Anyways… bye for now.. I am really not feeling it anyways, or rather feeling anger for not doing more, and tiredness. Both at the same time, and anger also because instead of sleeping, I’ll be going to go to bed late and consequently wake up tomorrow tired, and didn’t get anything in return.

So it is free low energy day… Grrrr… well, I think I am going to make a big list of things I am forbidden to do, hang it on the wall and paint some kind of evil character next to each item just to remind me.

Good night for now.


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