I am an artist born and raised in Cuba. My life began n October 14 of 1979 from the belly of the most beautiful woman I have ver met.

During my first 25 years I was a professional chess player, a programmer, and later, a system engineer. It all began thanks to my father who introduced me to a wood-made chess game when I was 4 ears old, and as I grew up, he also presented me an old 8086 IBM computer. That was the beginning of my career on sciences.

At the age of 25 I visited Mexico on what became a one way trip to the S, specifically to Miami, where my life’s shape changed irreversibly after meeting face to face with a Canon Rebel 450D camera and the possibilities it offered for me. Photography was just one of all the passions I would later discover in the mesmerizing world of creativity, including painting.

At the end of 2011 I moved from Miami to Chicago in pursue my reams, and with a bag full of photographic equipment, paint and brushes, I continued doing what I love the most. Photos and paintings were just the beginning of a journey that have come to include sculptures, videos and a fast progressing fiction novel.

This year of 2012 have been a very exciting and intense journey, from exhibitions, galleries and museums to a change of life. Now living in California, close to the Pacific I keep working very hard everyday to expand my experiences and go beyond what I have done in the past.

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